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Why choose Aram Clinic for your facial surgery in Turkey ?

All of our facelift procedures

With Aram Clinic in Turkey, you can take advantage of all types of facial surgery procedures.

According to your objectives and after the preoperative consultation, the surgeon will recommend you the most appropriate type of facial surgery in Turkey.

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Forehead Lift

this type of facelift can improve the positioning of the eyebrows, eliminate forehead wrinkles, frown lines and crow's feet.

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Temporal Lift

in this case, the procedure consists of tightening the area from the temple to the eyebrow.

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Cervico-facial Lift

it's the most common type of facelift. It consists of treating the neck, the face as well as the temples and jowls.

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Malar Lift

also called cervico-facial lift, this type aims at treating the positioning of sagging cheekbones, dark circles and the naso-labial fold.

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this facelift is indicated for patients in the early stages of skin slackening more precisely in the oval of the face. The mini-lift allows to treat : moderate jowls, small cervical baleen and moderately slack neck.

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Aram clinic provides you with all the necessary information concerning your facial surgery.

We offer total care for our patients allowing them to benefit from an all-inclusive medical stay in the best conditions.

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This price is competitive, confidential and personalized. We put at your disposal a multilingual advisor to answer all your questions and deal with your request.

Our patients’ testimonials

My facial surgery in Turkey with Aram Clinic was a real success. The result was beyond my expectations.

Mary Edward

A year ago, I had a mini-lift at Aram Clinic. I'm still happy with the results. I plan to do other plastic surgeries at Aram Clinic.

Sacha Jhonson

I opted for Aram Clinic to do my facial surgery and more precisely a temporal lift. The surgery was realized in the best conditions and I am more than satisfied.

Emma Martin

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