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Face fat transfer Turkey : Face lipofilling at a reduced price

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Face fat transfer : what is it ?

A face fat transfer is a cosmetic surgery technique that helps fill wrinkles and treat volume loss affecting the face. As an alternative to synthetic volumizing injections, face lipofilling uses the patient's own fat as a filler. It aims at plumping the face, correcting the signs of aging and improving the harmony of facial structures through better volume distribution.

face fat transfer turkey

The most common indications for face fat transfer in Turkey are :

  • Nasolabial fold wrinkles
  • The hollow cheeks and the dark circles
  • Thin lips

The price of a face fat transfert Turkey

The price of a face fat transfer in Turkey is very advantageous with a rate up to 50% cheaper than in France. With this reduced cost, you are entitled to an all-inclusive package covering all the expenses related to the medical stay in Turkey (the consultation, the procedure and the hospitalization fees, medical care, hotel accommodation during the entire convalescence period...).

To obtain the price of a face fat transfer in Turkey, please ask for a free quote.

Tha advantages of face lipofilling in Turkey

Face lipofilling in Turkey with our Clinic offers several advantages :

  • The procedure is performed by a surgeon specializing in face fat transfer and a medical team well trained in cosmetic surgery.
  • A modern and fully equipped clinic in compliance with ISO certification and the requirements of patient comfort and safety
  • A personalized treatment plan that meets the specific needs of each patient
  • The services of an interpreter, a local guide and a private driver to ensure a pleasant medical stay
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How is performed a face fat transfer in Turkey ?

price face fat transfer

In general, face fat transfer is performed under local anaesthesia applied to both the harvesting and the injection areas. However, general anaesthesia may be considered in anxious patients. It is an outpatient surgery with an average duration of one hour.

Facial lipofilling is performed in 3 steps :

  • Fat removal : the surgeon collects the unwanted fat deposits especially in the belly or the hips. He makes tiny incisions and removes the fat tissue by liposuction.
  • Fat purification : the collected tissues are placed in a centrifuge to isolate the fat cells. The adipocytes are the only components able to survive the autograft and must be purified and separated from fluids (plasma) and blood cells (white and red blood cells, platelets)
  • Fat transfer : the practitioner uses very fine syringes to inject the fat into the furrows of the wrinkles and to fill in the hollows of the face particularly the cheekbones.

Facial lipofilling Turkey : the postoperative phases

The postoperative phases of a face fat transfer in Turkey are rather mild and include :

  • Slight swelling and bruising for 5 to 10 days
  • Redness at the Injection sites
  • Discomfort and numbness in the area of the puncture and injection sites
  • Nodules that disappear after a few days
  • Wearing compression garments at the fat removal site
  • Resumption of daily activities after 7 days
face lipofilling turkey

Face fat transfer in Turkey : the results

The face may look asymmetrical for the first few weeks. In general, this is due to postoperative swelling and not to a poor distribution of the injected fat, that is why, one must wait 2 to 3 months to appreciate the final result of the facial lipomodelling by fat injection. Fat grafting restores the volumes of the face, rejuvenates it and improves its contours.

In addition, the stem cells in the grafted tissues stimulate localized collagen production which contributes to firm and smooth the facial skin after a face surgery in Turkey.

face lipofilling turkey price
price face lipofilling turkey

How long does a face lipofilling last ?

The duration of the face fat transfer in Turkey result varies from one patient to another. In any case, the grafted fat follows the natural evolution of the surrounding tissues and may gradually disappear with age or following weight loss.

In some patients, further injections of fat into the face must be made to compensate for the partial resorption of the transplanted tissues. It is then necessary to wait 4 to 6 months before renewing the use of facie lipofilling.

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